Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014

Jay Baer in the Cision video

Keynote speaker Jay Baer

On June 10th, 2014, we organized our latest event: the Content Marketing Conference Europe in the city of Antwerp. As Fusion Marketing Experience is all about customer-centric and integrated marketing, doing a conference on content marketing made sense as content plays a crucial role in all forms of customer-centric marketing.

Succeeding with content marketing by helping attendees create customer and business value using content marketing. That was the theme of the event. A broad variety of topics was covered (see below), from the essence of content marketing and content marketing strategy to getting content marketing done in practice, for various goals and tactics and always with customer and business value at the center.

As it became apparent that there is still a lot that marketers and business executives can do in order to serve their business and customer goals, we decided to make it the Content Marketing Conference Europe a separate event.

Fusion Marketing Experience of course stays at your service as well, with its’ Fusion Marketing Experience conferences and workshops.

Content marketing is an umbrella term. This means the topic can be approached from various angles and for many goals, just as was the case with other umbrella terms such as “social media”.

To help marketers, brand managers, PR professionals and many others to make their content more valuable for visitors, users, prospects, customers, etc. the Content Marketing Conference Europe is now part of our “sister brand” Content Marketing Experience. Check it out and stay tuned for more information on the Content Marketing Conference Europe, including presentations, interviews and reports from the edition 2014 in Antwerp.

Learn more about the Content Marketing Conference 2014 in Antwerp

This was the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 in Antwerp

  • 5 keynotes
  • 7 workshops
  • 1 panel
  • 18 speakers
  • Attendees from 11 countries.
  • Leading brands.

Speakers and hosts

Which topics were covered?

Keynote speaker Lee Odden

Keynote speaker Lee Odden

  • Attract, engage, convert – how to be the best answer wherever customers are looking.
  • Taking a stand with your brand and story.
  • Content marketing: getting started and defining a content marketing strategy.
  • Storytelling as a cornerstone for your content strategy.
  • Content marketing in Europe: data and cases.
  • How to create a content-driven and customer-centric company culture.
  • Content marketing in practice: practitioners explain and answer.
  • Closing the loop with content marketing.
  • Winning cases and their secrets.
  • How social and content impact brand attributes and the consumer lifetime value.
  • How to make content work for brands with topics.
  • Why smart marketing is about help, not hype: a framework for relevance.