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Xaviera Ringeling: relevant content and context

Xaviera Ringeling
Xaviera Ringeling

At the Content Marketing Conference 2014 Xaviera Ringeling hosts a workshop on defining a content marketing strategy – or let’s say “a plan”, as Xaviera calls it below and as another speaker, Kelly Hungerford, says in her interview.

Without a content marketing strategy and a view of your goals and audiences, content marketing doesn’t work. Xaviera Ringeling will help marketers and execs that are relatively new to content marketing to get started with such a strategy/plan and provide tips to the more experienced as well.

We asked Xaviera to share a practical tip as a preview to her presentation.

Joakim Ditlev at the Content Marketing Conference 2014

Joakim Ditlev There’s no such thing as a European market when it comes to content marketing
Joakim Ditlev

At the Content Marketing Conference 2014 Joakim Ditlev joins us on a panel on the usage of content marketing in Europe

Joakim is a content marketing specialist, runs a very popular Danish content marketing blog and is working on the first book on content marketing in his native language.

Along with Ingrid Archer (Netherlands), Eric Ingrand (France), Kelly Hungerford (Switzerland), and several others, Joakim will discuss the adoption of content marketing in several European countries, including examples and findings.

Content marketing strategy with Xaviera Ringeling

Xaviera Ringeling
Xaviera Ringeling

A strategic – and at least planned – approach to content marketing improves content marketing efficiency and ROI. While this might sound obvious, the lack of a more or less formal content marketing strategy always ranks the top challenges in most content marketing research. In fact, lack of customer-centric strategy and integration ranks high in the top challenges of lots of marketing and business processes.

At Content Marketing World 2013 in the US, research by the Content Marketing Institute showed over 50% of marketers don’t have a documented strategy. And it impacts effectiveness. The strategy issue is a universal one. Marketing research in Belgium, where the Content Marketing Conference Europe takes place, showed that Belgian marketers believe that no company can grow without an elaborated content marketing strategy.

The ultimate guide to persuasive content

Bryan Eisenberg - author and professional keynote speaker
Bryan Eisenberg – author and professional keynote speaker

I promised I would never use words such as ‘epic’ or ‘ultimate’ in blog headlines. For once, I’ll break that promise. You know that content marketing is about using customer-centric, mutually valuable and persuasive content in a smart and integrated way. (Online) content needs to engage, respond, persuade and serve, whatever form it takes. And thus it needs to be relevant, in all possible contexts.

Although times have changed and keep changing, the foundations of persuasive content were laid out quite some time ago. And guess what? They still apply. One of the very first books on persuasive content was originally published in 2001.

It was called ‘Persuasive Online Copywriting. How to Take Your Words to the Bank‘ and also explained a new concept that is still used today by many thousands of experts and practitioners: the Persuasion Architecture.

Jay Baer invites YOU to the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014

Jay Baer on why you should come to the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 on June 10.

Thanks Jay, Youtility in practice. Enough said. Jay says it so much better!

More about Youtility, the best-selling book

Jay Baer keynote at the Content Marketing Conference 2014

Keynote speaker Jay Baer
Jay Baer

At the Content Marketing Conference 2014 Jay Baer hosts a keynote session, titled “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype”. It delivers a new approach that cuts through the clutter: marketing that is truly, inherently useful. Inclusing dozens of examples.

Jay’s latest book, “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype” shows companies how to create marketing so useful, customers would pay for it if you asked them to do so. The book reached #3 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 on Amazon.com.

We asked Jay to share a practical tip as a preview to his presentation (read a longer interview here).

7 crucial reasons to miss the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014


WarningThere are ample reasons not to attend the Content Marketing Conference Europe in Belgium. In order to protect you from making bad decisions, here are the first 7 of plenty more to come.

Wa can’t emphasize it enough: whatever you do, do not attend the Content Marketing Conference Europe on June 10, 2014. Here is what might happen if you do anyway. If you still can’t resist the urge to come, stand by for more reasons not to attend on top of the seven reasons in this blog.

Guido Everaert: storytelling requires structure

Guido Everaert
Guido Everaert

At the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 Guido Everaert hosts a keynote session, titled “Storytelling as a cornerstone for your content strategy”.

We asked Guido to share a practical tip as a preview to his presentation.

Guido Everaert: Storytelling is not about language, it’s about telling and creating stories in a compelling way. It’s about finding the right metaphors, and above all the structure in which to tell a story. In doing so, the storyteller (re)creates a part of life and generates a story that is easily remembered and unique to that particular brand.

Key Content Marketing World 2013 takeaways by King Content – day one

King-ContentThe people at Australia-based King Content weren’t just present at Content Marketing World Australia (an important market for the CMI that also publishes an Australian version of the Chief Customer Officer magazine, taken care of by Sarah Mitchell of Global Copywriting).

They also put up a nice slideshare presentation summarizing 10 insights from day of Content Marketing World 2013 in the US. From Joe Pulizzi’s keynote they mention some of the research data we mentioned before and stress that it’s indeed not about more content but about having a better strategy. This obvious fact is sadly enough not understood well enough and makes one wonder about the maturity of not just content marketing but marketing in general. Let’s not forget many business don’t have a proper social media strategy, let alone an integrated customer-centric marketing approach.

Social CRM Brussels: social media in Belgium #infographic

At the occassion of their first Brussels event, the Social CRM Brussels 2012 organizers gathered some facts and stats about the use of social media in Belgium. They also added some quotes on social and social customer service by leading Belgian companies Belgacom and brewer AB Inbev.

Check out the infographic below.