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7 crucial reasons to miss the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014

Written by J-P De Clerck

WarningThere are ample reasons not to attend the Content Marketing Conference Europe in Belgium. In order to protect you from making bad decisions, here are the first 7 of plenty more to come.

Wa can’t emphasize it enough: whatever you do, do not attend the Content Marketing Conference Europe on June 10, 2014. Here is what might happen if you do anyway. If you still can’t resist the urge to come, stand by for more reasons not to attend on top of the seven reasons in this blog.

1. You might boost customer and business value by using content across your marketing efforts in a successful and integrated way.

There is a strong link between the relevance and value of content on one hand and customer value and profit on the other, regardless of marketing tactic and channel. This integrated approach of value could lead to a boost in business and customer value, so please stay away and do not reserve your seat at early bird conditions.

2. You might become utterly customer-obsessed and learn how to use content that sticks, engages and converts.

Great content revolves around the customers and audiences and it connects the brand with real people. It engages, leads to action, higher margins or a better brand perception, to name just a few. And it makes your marketing and brand relevant, extremely useful and connected in what Forrester Research calls the age of the customer. There is a risk you learn many ways to get too customer-oriented and succeed in today’s market when even just looking at the keynotes. There is even a risk you might reinvent yourself as Forrester Vice President and Group Director Sharyn Leaver said about the age of the customer.

3. There is a high risk you might learn how to improve your overall marketing success.

Using content in a consistent way, optimized across each customer touchpoint, affects your marketing success. Looking at it from this perspective could make you reflect on your overall marketing strategy and lead to better marketing in unexpected ways. It could even lead to optimized processes in other areas of the business.

4. You might get too many new ideas and actionable inspiration.

All speakers, panelists and master class or workshop presenters at the Content Marketing Conference Europe have lots and lots of experience in integrated marketing, branding, change management and content marketing in the agencies or businesses they work in. Even those who are thought leaders and wrote a book are practice experts. They are invaluable sources of inspiration and know tons of good cases. Furthermore, they are willing to provide ideas outside of their keynotes and workshops.

5. You could have interesting discussions with over 200 of your peers.

With over 200 attendees, all active in marketing in general and some in content marketing too, including attendees from several countries across Europe, chance is high you could end up having great discussions and networking with your peers, each with their experiences, challenges and ideas…

6. You risk having more than value for money: danger of very high ROI.

The cost of tickets is so low and the value of the insights that will be shared and the service you will get so high that attending might result in a Return on Investment that hits the roof. Furthermore, it’s so easy and cheap to get to the venue in the city of Antwerp that we really advice against coming.

7. You could get addicted to the intimate atmosphere of the event.

Attendees of our events love the highly intimate and personal setting with a maximum number of attendees and ample room for individual interactions with the speakers that they feel the urge of coming back. Some also send us testimonials about the quality of the event. Furthermore, the speakers of the event like to come back as well. Lee Odden and AJ Huisman, for instance, join us for the second time as others before them like Bryan Eisenberg, Olivier Blanchard and Dave Chaffey did. Let’s hope this year’s other speakers don’t want to come back too.

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