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Content marketing strategy with Xaviera Ringeling

Xaviera Ringeling

Xaviera Ringeling

A strategic – and at least planned – approach to content marketing improves content marketing efficiency and ROI. While this might sound obvious, the lack of a more or less formal content marketing strategy always ranks the top challenges in most content marketing research. In fact, lack of customer-centric strategy and integration ranks high in the top challenges of lots of marketing and business processes.

At Content Marketing World 2013 in the US, research by the Content Marketing Institute showed over 50% of marketers don’t have a documented strategy. And it impacts effectiveness. The strategy issue is a universal one. Marketing research in Belgium, where the Content Marketing Conference Europe takes place, showed that Belgian marketers believe that no company can grow without an elaborated content marketing strategy.

Still, in practice and across the globe, we notice that it remains difficult, one of the reasons you see so many blog posts, books and papers appear about the matter. There are a bunch of reasons for this strategic challenge issue.

Content marketing efficiency and strategy go hand in hand – source Content Marketing Institute - via Content Marketing Experience

Content marketing efficiency and strategy go hand in hand – source Content Marketing Institute – via Content Marketing Experience

One of them is probably that content marketing still is relatively new for many businesses across many industries and countries. As practitioners we often tend to overlook that. Secondly, there is no one-size-fits-all strategic approach to content marketing. While for some businesses having a strategic approach to the use of content for marketing and customer purposes can be easy (once they really look at it), for others, who have a complex go-to-market model and/or work in a very integrated and mature way, it can prove to be much harder and general rules of thumb don’t suffice. Every business is different, every customer is different.

At the Content Marketing Conference, strategy will certainly be mentioned in various workshops and keynotes and there will be ample opportunity to talk about it one-on-one with speakers and attendees.

However, we also scheduled a workshop/master class on the topic, hosted by Xaviera Ringeling. I saw Xaviera give such a workshop once at an event where I spoke and it struck me how she had the unique gift of helping marketers with less experience in content marketing establish their content marketing strategy, following different stages and putting attendees at work, making them reflect about their own strategy and content marketing practices.

Normally Xaviera does this in longer workshops but in her master class she’ll manage to get down to the essence, providing attendees the essential know-how to build or optimize their content marketing strategy. Moreover, she’s kind enough to be around all day at the conference and answer any strategy-related question. In workshops where cases are presented, real-life strategies will be shown too.

Xaviera will focus on four stages of a content marketing approach as she defined them:

  • Content marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing organization.
  • Planning and optimization of content creation.
  • The content marketing process.

As this is such an important topic that is crucial to succeed, we’ll provide more resources to attendees of the event.

In the meantime, check out the Content Marketing Framework by Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute below.

Follow Xaviera Ringeling on Twitter and LinkedIn, check out her profile and that of the other speakers and make sure you register for the Content Marketing Conference Europe.

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