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The Genius marketing automation essentials handbook

Essential marketing automation by Genius

Essential marketing automation by Genius (now salesgenius by CallidusCloud), an on-demand marketing automation and email marketing vendor, published a good read on marketing automation, “The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook: A How-To Guide for B2B Marketers.”

Written by B2B marketing expert and “eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale” author, Ardath Albee, the book outlines the 15 essentials of lead nurturing across the key topics of lead scoring, content creation, dynamic messaging, and pipeline acceleration.

The handbook is designed to help organizations come up to speed with Marketing Automation techniques and help measure the success of their efforts as they engage with prospects.

It walks B2B marketers through a step-by-step process, including hands-on tools and worksheets, to ensure that they are armed with the best practices required to drive continuous prospect and customer engagement through the entire sales and marketing pipeline.

By appropriately engaging according to the buyer’s stage and readiness, B2B Marketers can confirm their key role in revenue generation.

“Many organizations are just now adopting marketing automation technologies and techniques,” says Scott Mersy, VP of Marketing and Products at “The handbook was created to take the mystery and complexity out of marketing automation while providing lead nurturing strategies and tactics that enable greater sales success.”

By incorporating Albee’s 15 points, B2B marketers can create more holistic nurturing programs and see immediate, measurable sales results. You can get it here.

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