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Guido Everaert: storytelling requires structure

Guido Everaert

Guido Everaert

At the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 Guido Everaert hosts a keynote session, titled “Storytelling as a cornerstone for your content strategy”.

We asked Guido to share a practical tip as a preview to his presentation.

Guido Everaert: Storytelling is not about language, it’s about telling and creating stories in a compelling way. It’s about finding the right metaphors, and above all the structure in which to tell a story. In doing so, the storyteller (re)creates a part of life and generates a story that is easily remembered and unique to that particular brand.

It is of no importance what vehicle or tools are chosen to actually tell the story, as long as it ‘comes natural’ with the audience. If there’s one lesson to draw, this is the one.

As the theme of the conference is creating business value through customer value, using content marketing, we also asked Guido Everaert what is one of the most important ways that content marketing creates value for customers.

Guido Everaert: Content marketing helps understanding the brand or company in a thorough way, allowing customers to relate and connect with the brand. Apart from making the brand values and ‘brand DNA’ more concrete, this also helps in literally finding and getting to know everything there is to know about a certain brand or company.

Transparency as a key outcome to what the brand or company really stands for and could represent for the customer.


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