Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing: putting people first

fusion-marketing-experiencePeople are at the center of marketing success. Your prospects and customers are people. So, your business should revolve around them, not the other way around. Integrated marketing helps you do exactly that.

Media consumption and buying behavior have changed. Consumers are empowered and use a mix of channels and tactics to inform themselves, interact with your business and even buy.

Aligning your business goals with the preferences of potential customers is your recipe to success. Use relevant content to attract people. Optimize their user and customer experiences. Measure. Optimize. Combine channels. Nurture them by providing relevant offerings and information. Integrate it all.

Sell more by focusing on how people want to buy. Get an integrated view. Listen. Learn. And act upon it.

That was the core message of the Fusion Marketing Experience 2012 in Antwerp: integrated and customer-centric marketing across all channels… It’s also the core challenge of marketers today. Watch the video below we made at the occasion of the event to understand why…

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J-P De Clerck is the founder of i-SCOOP and has been active on the crossroads of technology, people and purpose since 1992. Former publisher, IT channel manager and marketing manager. Digital marketing pioneer, mainly consulting, analyzing and writing here since a decade. Holistic view on IT, OT and convergence. Tweets as @iscoopbiz – connects on LinkedIn.

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