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Joakim Ditlev at the Content Marketing Conference 2014

Joakim Ditlev There’s no such thing as a European market when it comes to content marketing

Joakim Ditlev

At the Content Marketing Conference 2014 Joakim Ditlev joins us on a panel on the usage of content marketing in Europe

Joakim is a content marketing specialist, runs a very popular Danish content marketing blog and is working on the first book on content marketing in his native language.

Along with Ingrid Archer (Netherlands), Eric Ingrand (France), Kelly Hungerford (Switzerland), and several others, Joakim will discuss the adoption of content marketing in several European countries, including examples and findings.

We asked Joakim to share some takeaways regarding content marketing in the Nordics.

Joakim Ditlev: Scandinavian countries may be similar and at same maturity level in content marketing. However, one size does not fit all when it comes to setting up your go-to-market strategy.

Entering a Scandinavian market with a content-based strategy can be a very good approach, but make sure to get a solid understanding of the differences in the market – in particular which media each national target audience prefer.

As the theme of the conference is creating business value through customer value, using content marketing, we also asked Joakim Ditlev what is one of the most important ways that content marketing creates value for customers.

Joakim Ditlev: Stronger customer relations is where content marketing adds the most value. Today, way too many companies are looking at their own bellybuttons and too many marketers can spend entire work weeks without talking to a single customer. Successful content marketing starts with understanding your customer. To do so you need to interview real people and listen to real problems in customer service. Once you get there, you start seeing the world from your customer’s point of view.

That’s the biggest catch of content marketing: companies care more and serve their customers better through helpful content and as a result they strengthen their customer relations.

The panel Content Marketing in Europe starts at 11.40AM, June 10, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium.

Joakim Ditlev at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 – via SlideShare

Joakim Ditlev at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 – via SlideShare


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