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Social CRM: a definition by Social CRM Brussels organizer Luke Brynley-Jones

Luke Brynley-Jones organizer of Social CRM Brussels
Luke Brynley-Jones, organizer of Social CRM Brussels

Luke Brynley-Jones is best known as a social media speaker and consultant. Back in 2001 he co-founded etribes.com, the blogging and photo-sharing network. He since then provided social media strategy and training for brands such as British Airways, YMCA, Orange and The Telegraph.

Today Luke runs Our Social Times, the social media agency. In addition to his client work, he runs conferences on social CRM.We partnered with Luke for the first Belgian edition of his Social CRM event. How does Luke define Social CRM?

Social media or social business: should you care?

Social media has profoundly impacted society and business. People can connect, collaborate, consume and create, using technologies and platforms they adopted at a pace never seen before in human history. Various technological innovations, including cloud computing, mobile, big data and the next-generation web technologies, are changing the way we live, organize and do business.

Some consider the impact of these changes as revolutions. Others consider them as logical evolutions and some call them old wine in new bags. Revolutions come in many forms and shapes and are often followed by a fresh regime that turns out to be not that different from the previous one. On the other hand, saying nothing is new, is naïve and often a sign of either preferring the comfort zone, either not having a global view. So, the truth is probably somewhere in between.

In the last year, a dozen of books was published regarding what is known as ‘social business’. There are different definitions regarding social business. However, as Michael Brito recently pointed out, the definition really doesn’t matter that much.

Internet Explorer 10 do not track: privacy and marketing challenges

Windows 8 - coming with Internet Explorer 10 and Do Not Track
Windows 8 – coming with Internet Explorer 10 and Do Not Track

As mentioned in a post covering the IAB AdEx report, Microsoft last week announced Internet Explorer 10 will be the first browser to feature the Do Not Track ‘on’ by default.

Microsoft states that doing so, it wants to give customers more choice and control over their privacy. Obviously, the online advertising, marketing and media industry is not happy. You bet there is quite some lobbying going on as you read this.

Will Microsoft revoke its decision? Hard to tell. Despite their sometimes ‘negative’ reputations companies like Google and Microsoft have been working since a very long time to improve the experiences of users, our – prospective – customers. This includes the relevance of messages and online privacy as well.

Social influence and scores: asking the right questions

Social influence is probably one of the most debated topics in social media today. Unfortunately, it is frequently a debate about scores. Whether we like it or not, companies such as Klout and PeerIndex grant us a score that claims to be an indicator of how ‘influential’ we are. It is nothing more.

Social influence – or better: ‘digital influence’ – is not about scores but, nevertheless, many businesses use them to identify who to identify, target, engage and – unfortunately – even hire.

Influence is misunderstood, and it is used in wrong ways. We cannot ignore that it exists. However, the best influencers are people who share a common passion – regardless of their scores – and act in a mutually relevant way. The score has become so important that we use it to make lists. And when these lists get published, people that don’t make it, often feel ignored and shocked.

Joost de Valk on blog and content marketing SEO basics

Joost de Valk
Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk believes passionately in the open source model. You might be able to describe him as a “geek hippie”, but he describes himself as a “geek marketeer”. He’s a WordPress wizard and SEO sage.

However, despite this undisputable fame regarding WordPress and SEO, Joost is really a customer-centric conversion and content marketing specialist, according to Fusion Marketing Experience organizer J-P De Clerck.

In this post we look at Joost’s view and presentation on blogging and SEO. According to Joost, there’s a pretty simple equation to succeeding with content marketing. Use WordPress, use the right SEO plugin and post good content. Sure, you need lots of links to get a good Google rank, but those links will come if you have the basics of SEO and content down.

Integrated marketing: putting people first

fusion-marketing-experiencePeople are at the center of marketing success. Your prospects and customers are people. So, your business should revolve around them, not the other way around. Integrated marketing helps you do exactly that.

Media consumption and buying behavior have changed. Consumers are empowered and use a mix of channels and tactics to inform themselves, interact with your business and even buy.

Aligning your business goals with the preferences of potential customers is your recipe to success. Use relevant content to attract people. Optimize their user and customer experiences. Measure. Optimize. Combine channels. Nurture them by providing relevant offerings and information. Integrate it all.

Christopher Barger social strategy workshop: key takeaways

Christopher Barger
Christopher Barger

Recently, we organized our first Fusion Marketing Experience workshop with Christopher Barger, on ‘building a Successful Social Strategy from the Inside Out’. All attendees will receive the full presentations, but of course, you can have a taste of the workshop as well. In some follow-up posts, we will tackle more of Christopher’s lessons.

Below you can find Christopher’s more ‘general’ presentations and a few key takeaways.

Marketing ROI and lead management with Jim Lenskold

Jim Lenskold
Jim Lenskold

Jim Lenskold knows how to measure marketing and develop the right lead management and ROI programs to help you succeed.

Marketing ROI analysis and techniques, lead management, the customer lifecycle and aligning marketing decisions with corporate goals in a measured way are just a few of the specialities of our Fusion Marketing Experience May 2012 keynote speaker, Jim Lenskold.

A small town in the UK talks multi channel

Gianfranco Cuzziol
Gianfranco Cuzziol

eCRM expert Gianfranco Cuzziol was both a speaker and a moderator/MC at previous editions of he Fusion Marketing Experience conferences. Gianfranco will join is again at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 for a workshop on content marketing, CRM and closing the loop. You can read more about one of his previous participations in “Good eCRM puts the customer at the centre of the universe“). In this guest post, Gianfranco looks at the role of the consumer experience in this multi channel world.

A report this morning on the BBC News (captured here on BBC.com) gave a small snap shot of how this year’s Christmas shopping will be multi channel. The report highlights how one estimate puts the number of orders per minute today in the UK at 3,300 with over 25% of all sales this Christmas going on line, and a fair chunk of that being via Mobile.

Joe Pulizzi on content marketing: content is the essence of marketing

Content Marketing Conference speaker AJ Huisman & Joe Pulizzi in 2010
Content Marketing Conference speaker AJ Huisman & Joe Pulizzi at our content marketing roundtable in 2010

An interview with content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi on what makes great content and the key success and failure factors in content marketing.

Last week, Joe Pulizzi and his team at Junta42 and the Content Marketing Institute, organized the first edition of Content Marketing World. The event was a huge success and, obviously, resulted in a lot of content. Michele Linn made a nice overview page here.

Since we organized a round table on content marketing with, among others, Joe and AJ Huisman, one of the speakers at Content Marketing World, and I helped launch the first two editions of Joe’s Chief Content Officer magazine in Europe a year ago, much has changed.