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Feeding what humans hunger for with social media

Trey Pennington
Trey Pennington

Trey Pennington describes himself not as a public speaker or lecturer, but as a story teller for corporations. He certainly had some great stories to tell about social marketing at the Fusion Marketing Experience in Brussels this past March!

According to Trey the incredible growth of social media is fueled by a “three-fold human hunger” and it is this hunger which provides the greatest opportunity for marketers today. Every one of us has a desire to be heard, understood and to count.

He points out that in order to tap into these basic human needs and satisfy this human hunger we have to look beyond platforms, practices, technologies and techniques and be willing to really examine our world view and our basic assumptions about the way things are and the way things can be. The focus can’t be on us and must be on the consumer. The priority should always be on the user/customer and their stories. It’s not about getting a message out, but about getting a message in.

Selligent: towards integrated interactive marketing

SelligentSelligent, a Belgium-based but internationally active B2C marketing automation vendor, was one of the supporters of the Fusion Marketing Experience 2011 in Brussels. As integrated marketing, revolving around the customer is essential for customer-centric marketers heralding a single customer view and superior customer experiences, it’s clear that marketers also start moving beyond the campaign mindset.

Selligent, today mainly used for email marketing, is working hard on a more integrated approach as well.

In a white paper – which we wrote for the company – Selligent aims to help email marketers take a first step beyond email marketing and a pure campaign mindset towards a more integrated approach.

The Genius marketing automation essentials handbook

Essential marketing automation by Genius
Essential marketing automation by Genius

Genius.com (now salesgenius by CallidusCloud), an on-demand marketing automation and email marketing vendor, published a good read on marketing automation, “The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook: A How-To Guide for B2B Marketers.”

Written by B2B marketing expert and “eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale” author, Ardath Albee, the book outlines the 15 essentials of lead nurturing across the key topics of lead scoring, content creation, dynamic messaging, and pipeline acceleration.

The handbook is designed to help organizations come up to speed with Marketing Automation techniques and help measure the success of their efforts as they engage with prospects.