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Xaviera Ringeling: relevant content and context

Xaviera Ringeling

Xaviera Ringeling

At the Content Marketing Conference 2014 Xaviera Ringeling hosts a workshop on defining a content marketing strategy – or let’s say “a plan”, as Xaviera calls it below and as another speaker, Kelly Hungerford, says in her interview.

Without a content marketing strategy and a view of your goals and audiences, content marketing doesn’t work. Xaviera Ringeling will help marketers and execs that are relatively new to content marketing to get started with such a strategy/plan and provide tips to the more experienced as well.

We asked Xaviera to share a practical tip as a preview to her presentation.

Xaviera Ringeling: You need at least 2 things: a good plan and the right people to see it through. The strategy is the plan but if your people don’t have the know how, it will fail.

A content specialist is not just somebody who has managed to stay alive in online marketing. It’s someone who creates content with a broad experience. Who understands what relevant content is but also what relevant context is. Someone who understands how content on the Web sounds and how it gets translated to a specific audience.

As the theme of the conference is creating business value through customer value, using content marketing, we also asked Xaviera Ringeling what is one of the most important ways that content marketing creates value for customers.

Xaviera Ringeling: Content marketing allows advertisers/brands to connect with their target audience in a positive way but also to involve it with the brand. By providing relevant content in a relevant context, brands are facilitating people to enjoy experiences and share them.

Isn’t the holy grail of marketing that your audiences do the marketing for you? They do it when you are relevant, interesting, helpful, entertaining and ideally a combination of all of the above.

Xaviera Ringeling’s workshop starts at 1.30PM, June 10, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium.

Xaviera Ringeling at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 – via SlideShare

Xaviera Ringeling at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 – via SlideShare

Xaviera Ringeling at the Content Marketing Conference 2014 – via SlideShare

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